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Frequent Asked Questions


This site should be considered as fun / game provided "as is", without any kind of warranty. Especially - this site is not a wallet of any kind, so try to withdraw as often as you can. We still try to give you best experience.

What is the token?

Token are an internal currency rewarded to you after every completed activity which can be converted into your desired cryptocurrency.

How can I get my wallet?

To send/receive Bitcoins you need a wallet. You can create one at Once you have created your wallet copy your personal Bitcoin address assigned with it and paste into our site.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw at any moment by clicking on your balance. We use micropayment cache to send your bitcoins. If you don`t have a account you must create it firstly and link your address there.

I did not receive my payment yet, why?

We pay up to 4 days after request. Usually you receive your payments much faster. Some of our bonus partners need 72 hours to verify fraud activity on accounts. If you do not use Nightfallnews or EngagedHits you should receive your payment without waiting so long.

Do you have referral program?

Yes, we have. You will get 10% of your referred users commissions. Once you are logged in, referral link is shown at the bottom of main page. You can also use our banners. Check REFER page for more details.

What is the Mining Section?

La Sección de Minería es un Gran Método de Ingresos para Ganar pasivamente. Es posible que no recompense tanto como algunos de los otros métodos de obtención de ingresos, ¡pero se puede ejecutar fácilmente las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana en varios dispositivos! la forma en que funciona es que Hotcrypto le brinda la opción de usar la potencia de procesamiento de la CPU no utilizada para ganar criptomonedas, lo que le permite controlar completamente la cantidad de potencia de procesamiento que usa. ¡también le permitimos usar su tarjeta gráfica y otros dispositivos para ganar aún más!

Whats the Difference between mining in the browser or using the desktop application?

There are a few Differences Between the Webminer and desktop application. the Webminer has the Benefit of Convenience, with no setup or configuration required, simply visit the page, start the miner and leave the page open to mine passively. We Offer an Easily Shareable Link to open on other devices to make them mine for you! br> there are however some downsides, Webmining in the browser is not nearly efficient as using a Desktop Miner, another disadvantage is that web mining is CPU only, as there is no GPU support for browser mining. meaning that if you have a powerful Graphics Card, (especially Gaming or Workstation cards) then you will experience 10x - 100x as much in earnings. we recommend using the Desktop miner for Better Results


Earn cryptocoin with

Role Play game


Sign up and use earning methods to collect points.


Points and cash from playing and competing.


Convert the points you collect into cryptocurrencies.